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Koi Media Partners, led by award-winning media executives Joanne Lipman and Andrew Heyward, specializes in innovative storytelling that marries video, social media and cutting-edge digital technology to engage audiences across multiple platforms. Heyward and Lipman have deep experience in creating content for traditional and digital consumers, leading national news organizations, and innovating across all forms of media. Now they are putting that experience to work to create compelling programs and effective distribution strategies for their partners and clients. As Deputy Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, Lipman created Weekend Journal and Personal Journal and supervised coverage that earned three Pulitzer Prizes before going on to found and edit Conde Nast's award-winning business magazine, Portfolio.  Heyward, winner of 12 Emmy awards, launched the weekly news magazine 48 Hours and was Executive Producer of The CBS Evening News before serving as President of CBS News.

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Koi Media Partners works closely with both emerging and traditional companies, ranging from start-ups to the largest and most-established media companies in the country.  Current projects include a documentary series in development at a major cable network; a multi-platform, multi-media  storytelling venture at a large media company; and an innovative digital and social-media program for a major broadcaster.

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About Joanne Lipman

Joanne Lipman is a pioneering news executive, author and adviser to media organizations.  Her next book, based on her viral Wall Street Journal article “Women At Work: A Guide for Men,” will be published in 2017 by William Morrow.  She began her career as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, ultimately rising to become deputy managing editor, the first woman to hold that post.  At the Journal, she created Weekend Journal and Personal Journal, and supervised coverage that earned three Pulitzer Prizes.  She subsequently founded and was Editor-in-Chief of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine, winner of Loeb and National Magazine Awards. 

As a media adviser, Lipman has worked with news organizations including CNN, Yahoo, and WNYC.  She also co-authored the critically acclaimed musical memoir Strings Attached.  She is a frequent television commentator, seen on CNN, NBC, CNBC, and CBS, among others, and is a frequent speaker on topics including women's leadership and arts/music advocacy. For speaking inquiries click here.  Contact her at Joanne@Koimediapartners.com.

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About Andrew Heyward

Andrew Heyward is a nationally known news executive, award-winning producer, and an expert on the changing media landscape. For almost a decade, he has helped media companies develop innovative online ventures and profitable digital strategies; create new content and services; and transform their businesses to drive growth and revenue in an age of rapid evolution. 

Heyward was President, CBS News, from January 1996 to November 2005. Before that, Heyward was executive producer of The CBS Evening News. Heyward was also responsible for developing and launching 48 Hours, the primetime CBS News hour that premiered in January 1988. He began his career working in local news at WNEW-TV and WCBS-TV in New York.

Heyward has won 12 national Emmy Awards.  Contact him at Andrew@Koimediapartners.com

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